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Planning and Building Control

Planning and Building control although loosely linked under the umbrella of development control are actually totally different.

Before carrying out building work, you may need to get planning permission. This permission is in order that the look of your proposal complies with local and national policies and considers the affect of your proposed building on surrounding properties. You will not need this permission if your proposal is allowed within your permitted development rights.

Permitted Development refers to alterations which householders are allowed to carry out without requiring planning permission. Permitted development includes : single and two storey extensions; loft conversions, with or without dormers and, some detached buildings constructed in the garden. There are constraints on the sizes of these developments and some sites have their permitted development rights restricted or removed. It is usually best to confirm that a proposal is allowed under permitted development by applying for a certificate of lawfulness in place of planning permission.

I can advise on whether permitted development is relevant. Alternatively see the link below for fuller details about permitted development.

Once this issue has been dealt with, you will need to be sure that your proposal complies with national building regulations standards by applying for Building Control Approval. If your building project is safe in terms of structural integrity, fire safety, insulation, ventilation, drainage, environmental issues etc, it will pass.

The Building Control Depertment are also called upon during the process of your build to check that regulations are being followed. When it is finished they will issue a Completion Certificate. This is your proof that the building work was done properly and is useful if you sell your property at a later date. These are a few of the issues to be considered when you start thinking about your project.

During my first visit, as well as offering general suggestions and advice, I can advise you of any potential problems that may occur during all of these application processes.

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